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Liftex 2022 – A big success!

19th October 2022

Last week we supported LEIA and the industry with our large stand at the delayed Liftex 2022 trade show.

The show was a big success for Syntium Lifts as many of our existing and loyal customers came to visit our large stand, not only to say hello and grab a coffee but also to say how pleased they were with the fantastic and flexible Synplicity and Syntium products, and also our expert support.

The star of the show was the hugely popular Synplicity 4GX product, that is just about the only product you would need for emergency lift communication, with the outstanding and unrivalled audio quality, a fully compliant autodialler unit and a fully compliant fire-fighting intercom system – and with lift monitoring built-in too!

One talking point at this years trade show was the sunset of the 2G and 3G mobile networks along with the switch off of the BT copper landlines network (PSTN), which will all have a large impact on lift autodialler units, and this should not be overlooked by anyone involved with these products within our industry. For some time we have been advising our customers of the effect that the joint switch off will have on the industry, and that the ‘consideration time’ is passing fast, and that the ‘action time’ is fast approaching if not already here!

See our separate post on the sunset of 2G & 3G and also the switch off of PSTN lines.

Please contact us for any advice, assistance or product recommendations regarding the sunset of 2G & 3G and also the PSTN switch off.


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