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Synplicity Accessories

Synplicity Accessories

Synplicity by name, Synplicity by nature


A range of optional accessories for use with the Synplicity® by Syntium range of autodialler and fire-fighting intercom products.

Powerful inductive hearing loop units with suitable battery backed power supply units, handsets, pictogram units, sirens and adapters for VoIP

  • SYN LOOP – compact size, high output, easy to install, high quality, outstanding performance
  • SYN MRL – super compact telephone handset for MRL cabinets
  • SYN PIC – tri-colour round button style easy to install pictogram unit
  • SYN PSU – powerful battery backed 12 VDC power supply unit
  • SYN SIREN – powerful siren that interfaces directly
  • SYN ALARM – (SYN PSU & SYN SIREN)  a loud audible lift alarm sounder
  • SYN 24/12 – 24 VDC to 12 VDC converter (typically used on platform lifts)


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